How to get to Vielha?


Valley Roadways

There are four approaches to the Valley:

From the valley of Pallars through the Bonaigua port (2072 meters), taking the C-28 (former
C-142), which ends in Vielha (the ski resort of Baqueira-Beret is on this road).

From Ribargoza the road N-230, which comes from Lleida, Vielha through the tunnel (5,173 m long), with a gap between the south entrance (1626 meters) and north (1390 meters) of 236 meters. After saving the tunnel, the road N-230 passes Viella is Bòrdes, Bossòst, Les and the French border (Pont de Rei). Recently opened New Vielha tunnel.

From France through the Pont de Rei arriving by the French highway N-618 which becomes the N-230 to cross the border.

From Bagneres de Luchon (France) through the port Portilló French highway N-125 becomes the N-141 until Bossòst.


How to arrive...

From Barcelona by motorway (340 km): Barcelona-Lleida-Alfarrás-Benabarre Pont de Suert-Valle de Aran-Betlán. From Barcelona by motorway and national road: Igualada-Tárrega-Balaguer-Alfarrás-Benabarre Pont de Suert-Valle de Aran-Betlán

From Madrid (650 km): Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida highway-Benabarre Alfarrás Pont de Suert-Valle de Aran-Betlán.

From San Sebastián (304 km): by France. San Sebastián-Lennemezan (209 km)-Montrejeau-St. Beat-Fos-Betlán Aran Valley.

From Valencia by motorway (520 km): From Valencia-Reus-Montblanc-Lleida-Alfarrás-Benabarre-Pont-Suert-Betlán Aran Valley.

From Bordeaux by motorway (412 km): Bordeaux - Toulouse (246 km), highway to St. Gaudens-St. Gaudens, St. Beat-Fos-Betlán Aran Valley.